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MensajePublicado: Lun Jun 22, 2009 9:19 pm    Asunto:  Seguimiento del proyecto Responder citando

Staff RctCommunity

Staff RctCommunity

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20 de Junio del 2009, fuente

Lots happening at the community. Coding has progressed and a lot of the smaller bugs that have delayed the FRCS issues have been getting squashed.

A new Santa's Village working park with rides, less guests unfortunately has been proposed for a 2009 December gift to you all. Whether this holiday landscape gets out or not remains up in the air.

New rides booked or on their way include:

The Austin Flyplane a rare ride from the 1950's

Barnstormer ride and this is much more authentic than TORCG3's will ever be!

Historic and still working real ride the Eyerly Fly-O-Plane though very few exist today.

The original "Hammer" Eyerly Loop-O-Plane

Eyerly Version 2 Roll-O-Plane

Eyerly replaced the original Roll-O-Plane with the newer "Sidewinder" ride and yes we have that covered as well.

Fabbri Booster Maxx long delayed now back in production.

Original Historic "High Ride" has now been completed. Some will also remember a similar ride at 6 flags Texas as SkyHook.

Part 2 Posting...

Additional flat rides that have pushed the number well over 120 rides in the repository include these additional rare and historical as well as common rides and themed rides too.

Himalaya in the works by djfriktion and several other of his great rides.

Music Express

Tivoli Orbitor ride.

The Whip - An original early flat ride from the turn of the 19th century is in progress.

Watkin's Rampage officially in the Repository and nailed for the game and you.

Progress on the new Yo-Yo ride continues to be refined. Thanks to Mikey98 and a lot of his hard work.

Very rare ride only a few made, none exist today is the Shepherd's Galaxy Wheel (1961) But you will have one in TPB3D.

The even more rare (1941) Shepherd Roll-O-Liner saw only three units because metal was needed during World War II and so building amusement park rides was nixed for several years officially killing this ride from ever seeing serious production. But what a wild fast thrillride Shepherd gave us. None exist today. except in tpb3d where you will have it to ride and share with your community friends.

To compete with Eyerly, Shepherd made a very rare Roll-O-Plane of his own. It was sort of a cross between a Loop-O-Plane and a Roll-O-Plane as the photo bears out. None exists today and few saw production, but in tpb3d you will have the ride for your online park and guests to share with you and your friends and delight in riding too.

Large ancient boat a first. A Viking Drakkar which will soon be accompanied by the Viking theme set for TPB3D including other themed Viking Rides includes this 58 passenger ship to move your peeps into battle along the canals on their scenic cruises of adventure. This ride is now in the repository awaiting the trackede rides end in the game with other boats. An even larger Greek and Roman ships that will feature indoor theater, restrooms, sit-in restaurants and shops will be coming soon, we are just getting started on the big boats.

Coding is moving quicker with newer coders on board and many others have joined the ranks including a new small army of graphic arts people helping modelers and coders with screens and textures amongst other issues. Ride sounds starting to appear for the game and a new Santa's Village working landscape covered in pine trees with snow and a winter wonderland has been proposed for a very early release by December 2009 as a gift to you to have some fun with for the time being. Lots happening, this is growing big time so enjoy the ride, the child years will soon be growing to the teen years.

¡¡Buscamos moderadores, animate, unete al equipo RctCommunity!!

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